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Siusop 3 Times Bold Features - (1,8 Kg)

Price: 88.000 ₫

Siusop concentrated fabric softener 3 times to bring your clothes cool aromatic, soft makes you always confident in front of people. Especially with technology newest fragrance beads, fragrance will crept deep into the fabric and stay very long, even if the clothes are dried. In addition, concentrated fabric softener SiuSop also help soften your clothes, bring comfort all day long.

Product Description

Technology grain Save Huong

With advanced technology to create new flavors, aromatics would be retained as a wrap, the small bundle called fragrance beads. Thanks to this amazing fragrance beads, washed and aromatics will penetrate deeply into the fabric, the fragrance for a long stay on the clothes even when dried. Also, water softener features SiuSop also enhance fabric softener, for your clothes feeling soft and smooth, all-day comfort. Keep the clothes less wrinkled, easy to board, bright colors. Reduce electrostatic attraction in synthetic fabrics, for clothing, cool, stick close to your body. Softener SiuSop County Liu Xiang - Save scent long on clothes.
- There are four scents: Jasmine Perfume, Perfume Roses, Orchids Huong, Huong Hoa Thanh Khiet (combination Chrysanthemum and Chinese Li)

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