Wash water Glass Ring - (800ml)

Price: 28.000 ₫

Flying dirt - anti dust

- Clean the ball at a glance

- Clean and faultless grip

- Maintain shine

- Prevent condensation of moisture

Ring glass cleaner water helps you quickly wipe the glass surface and maintain lasting shine.

Product Description


1. Spray the surface to be cleaned

2. Wipe with a dry towel

For best results on stubborn stains, wait a few minutes to clean new

STORAGE: cool, clean place always keep the bottle in an upright position.

NOTE: Keep out of reach of young children, and pet food. Do not drink. If swallowed needed medical facility immediately. When carrying the product and the label. If contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with water. Avoid direct contact with sensitive skin. Should wear gloves when using. No peace with any cleaning products or other chemicals.

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