And practical experience has shown that, not cosmetic product put on the market when advertising on rumbling, "rated compensation, rated stuffed" by pre-crisis communication strategy is able to "kill "rivals to gain market share. In fact, Vietnamese enterprises have lesser capital, not enough aggressive product promotion, but they have a private entrance with direct access by consumers to be successful. This experience can be recorded from cosmetics brand Hao.

Lessons from the distribution system


General Director Luong Van Vinh during test production line of dishwashing liquid

Despite nearly 30 years ago, but now sits recall, Mr. Luong Van Vinh, father cosmetics brand Hao, did not forget those days "fierce" in order to regain market share for products bearing Hao its brand. The path of this product is very long, but we can briefly point the most memorable events.

In the 1990s, almost 50% of domestic housewife who does not know the brand Hao, a Vietnamese products, Vietnam study by the manufacturer, are widely sold to the alleys and side streets, there quality, price is very appropriate. Then, when the integration of the country, a series of foreign companies to invest in, the market opportunity is almost no "preference" for one and My Hao is no exception. What came to the well, in 1997 the same segment of a foreign company has officially hit the market to competition. Through aggressive advertising plan, they quickly gain market share and brand almost pushed Hao swarmed the "deep and remote areas". Mr. Luong Van Vinh - General Director of JSC cosmetics Hao, sadly said: "This is a bitter lesson for us to rest on winning, no visionary, no solution preventive measures for products to have competitive worthy opponent ... I lost agent system in a very short time. Things have changed so fast. "

Maybe because of weak financial capacity should not be there much media campaigns, advertising or for investment. But it's time to change America Hao way for "children" of his to survive and grow stronger. At this time he also realized that business methods modeled volatile agent for sales agents not only for themselves, but they sell many other products. "So I immediately set sales system according to the distributor model. Thanks to the timely navigation should we overcome difficulties and survive. This model not only helps companies deliver fast, cost reduction is more like warehouse rental, transport, not least could not help worrying debts "doubtful" such as deliveries to dealers that also helps us grasp the amount of consumption goods to proactively plan production forecasts, customer care is more thorough and regularly update the feedback to guide treatment and redress " -Mr Vinh share.


Along with strong reform business direction, the company's director also said that Vietnamese enterprises want to survive, then no way but to rely on the consumer to know Vietnamese, the domestic market has Meanwhile, the new powerful features export routes. Vietnam enterprises is not strong in terms of capital, not a lot of professional experience both in production and business skills, so how are things calculated to compete with foreign corporations.

According to him, the fulcrum of Vietnam's largest Vietnam's people. "I can get shampoo, dishwashing liquid Hao as an example. Using good quality stable, not the cheapest price for many goods cheaper markets 20-30%. But our advantage is the best quality in cheap price that the majority of people in the provinces of the country can afford. In my opinion, no one understands Vietnam by the Vietnamese culture, Vietnamese enterprises to understand the needs, standard of living, spending capacity of consumers to make the right product according to their needs, especially selling at reasonable prices will convince consumers. I still believe the Vietnamese prefer good quality, cheaper than other forms of advertising is said to sell high "- Mr. Vinh said. With thinking and timely adjust the market approach, only a short time Hao has regained market share, regain confidence Vietnamese consumers that righteous foreign corporations is currently rivals competition must also respect and always find a way to "capture".

Heart "pride" brand made Vietnam

Needless to say, take a stroll on the busy marketplace information, a foreign corporation in Vietnam have launched products dominate the market and negotiate the acquisition of US brands is good for $ 30 million. Bringing this story asked him Vinh, we see that the main ethnic narcissism, the "hard-headed" of a full-fledged business Vinh he can successfully build brand Vietnam - US growth Hao today. Exchanging this issue, Mr. Vinh said: "Up to now I still believe that, I refused 30 million dollars will never regret. Because, I want to build a brand for Vietnamese American Hao, from Vietnam. If any trouble selling, do not long after there's now another Vietnam. " As an entrepreneur with the mind, he said that business is not just to make a living but also the honor, the prestige brand to preserve for posterity on, and the first of those who have allegiance to America Hao . He said: "Buy yourself a hard brand of creation is like losing a child born gut. So, though difficult it is, in any given situation to feed it grow, grow up. " To do that, he has wholeheartedly slope for the company, and down day and night in all parts of the country to exploit the market, promptly make reasonable business policy for distributors. And until today, too, though busy whatsoever sizes, each month he spent at least 10 days to reverse sweep the North-Central-South to inspect the market, listening to each consumer reflects on the quality , the prices of products to care regimen and make timely adjustments. "The stronger your opponent in every way but I still own advantage. Equal quality, imported raw materials from a source well, we only have the only path to victory is direct marketing, stick with consumers with quality products, reasonable price and sales network goods closely every corner of every province ... ". With the mind always wants to bring tangible benefits to consumers, acumen "or the" time when deep integration, so only a short time, today Hao has become a brand foothold in the market and confidently aims to compete with rivals is the multi-national company. Recently, a market assessment organization, said the current US products dishwater Hao has regained its market share at approximately 50% of the market.


A product introduction activities of the American brand Hao


An expert in the world of market research, has said: "The reason that Hao has quickly regain market share from foreign corporations is because General Director Luong Van Vinh had to rely on the news and said the Vietnamese , had stirred a chord of Vietnam. And above all is the mind of Mr. Vinh was committed to bringing consumers the complete product, good quality with the respect, love and his responsibility for human and social life Assembly ... ".Currently Hao products are very popular among dishwater is" My Hao dishwashing water Lemon "and" the dishwasher Hao Green Tea ". Green tea is extracted from nature, this is the 2x Concentrated regular dishwashing liquid, less wear, clean fast, economical and effective, not only to help housewives wash and grease stains , but also cleaned of smell clung on cups, bowls, plates ... Similarly, in My Hao dishwashing liquid lemon essential oil is extracted from the rind combined with features of antibacterial dishwashing liquid, allowing dishes are always squeaky clean and fresh when used. It is known that in the past month 4-2013, a senior product line Hao dishwashing water 3X concentrate has also been put on the market with sleek, eye-catching designs, pleasant natural aroma, quality perfect quality and reasonable prices to consumers ...

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