Mr. Vinh does not sell because they want to leave to their children and want to keep the inheritance of the company brand in Vietnam. According to him, if everyone is selling, the market of Vietnam will soon Vietnam now squeaky clean. It was a brave decision. However, the cost of that choice is My Hao has lost a lot of customers to rival Unilever.

Hao was not brought to market, but the agents will come to their loading docks. As in Vietnam, the multinational enterprise has rapidly built a distribution system in the US agents Hao. Agent fades, My Hao trouble immediately. At this point, Unilever has to reset problem Hao buy American brands again. "Although Hao dishwater then accounted for about 50% of the market, but failed to hold and unknown channel customer care, after 3-4 months fell 46-47% and so lost. Now I realize, is to survive, the company must have a strong distribution system, "Mr. Vinh said.

Aware of that, My Hao has close ties with the vendors still sell their products, offering them incentives such as discount commissions on product value is greater than before. Orders less than 500,000, the United States agent Hao discount for 1%, then 2% on 500,000. For those dealers have lost, My Hao replaced with the new distributor. According to Vinh, the capital of the United States is good no more, the company is difficult to spend money to advertise that can only increase the presence of the product on the market through the distribution system.

In 1998, Mr. Vinh invested heavily in the distribution system in many provinces. Distributors self storage investment, financing and delivery stages. Hao has staff in search of individual orders to distributors. To encourage dealers exhibit their products, the company supports 25,000 VND / month for retailers any products exhibited 16 Hao. However, this policy has not brought the expected effect. Therefore, Mr. Vinh efforts to find additional outlets for the product. Every month, he personally inspected the entire distribution system in the province of My Hao to find the crux of the problem.

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