American CEO Hao; Mr. Luong Van Vinh: 10-year-old school as incense, 16 years old selling bicycle parts sidewalk, 17-year-old grocer walk ... after 30 years rolling marketplace, Luong Van Vinh is the boss of a Vietnamese brand worth 40 million USD.

"According to the evaluation of a consultant, My Hao brand is now worth more than $ 40 million, more than four times the first American company Hao is" bargain "in 1998 was 10 million US dollar, "said Luong Van Vinh, chairman of the board and CEO of the company shares Hao, said, as if to affirm the vitality of the brand that he was still employed.

At this time, the scale of production consists of two factories and several hundred workers, Hao ... quite small compared to other cosmetic companies, but it represents the will to grow the business, vun inheritance from scratch from Vietnam.

Luong Van Vinh entrepreneur is one who succeed in the chemicals industry - cosmetics with "User" collect coins.

Luong Van Vinh entrepreneur is one who succeed in the chemicals industry - cosmetics with "User" collect coins.

Mr. Luong Van Vinh, aged 10 apprentices as incense, 16 to life for selling bicycle parts in the gutter Thuan Kieu, 17-year-old grocer cage stroll outside Binh Tay Market (District 6) ... Over 30 years of rolling upside in the market, Mr. Vinh became known entrepreneur in the chemical industry - cosmetics with coins gathering skills. And now America is good to live well by gathering coins.

Hao once favored by consumers because of cheap credit and the quality good, to do this, Mr. Vinh ever accept lower real interest rates - sell bottles of dishwashing liquid interest only 200 contracts. "I develop and invest in production according to their ability," Mr. Vinh said so. If multinational corporations have invested millions of dollars to the best machinery, the United States only a few hundred thousand Hao investment dollars because the automated machine manufacturers less famous than manufacturing. My Hao has thus can give birth to good quality products with low price, suitable for the vast majority of consumers.

Mr. Luong Van Vinh analysis: "If only it comes to quality, not necessarily of the US product categories of Good is good because it has lost some of the products of the joint venture or multinational corporations. If it comes to price, the US is not the cheapest Hao as dishwater variety sold at market prices by 30-40% only Hao. But America's predominance was good quality Hao in the price that the majority of workers can afford. "

According to Saigon Marketing

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