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Hao is trying to find himself in the efforts to rebuild the distribution system.

There are no campaign "bombing" advertising, no change designs as often as opponents, My Hao in the hands of only the fierce determination of the captain Luong Van Vinh. Maybe so, but "ship" is facing an arduous journey.

Why change house

Go back through time to the late 80s and early 90s of the last century, then dishwater Hao is a brand familiar to most of the housewives. By taking up to 50% share of the domestic market, Hao seems less interested in building distribution channels, not even create a common retail price only delivery to dealers and to decide on their own selling prices.

The road to this company when it was so spacious. But delicious pie is always in the limelight, especially with the "giants" like foreigners Unilever.Nam 1997, the company officially launched the brand Sunlight dishwashing liquid with much higher price Hao with the purpose of creating high-end segment. But Sunlight quickly failed because only the higher price is also quality, design is almost equal opponents, My Hao is still the choice of the majority of consumers.

But a "hand" as Unilever marketing stunned Where doomed to failure. Only a short time later, Sunlight had a spectacular return to products containing vitamin E dishwater hands help protect users. The campaign "bombing" advertising on the major media, the distribution channels of the company previously utilized as a basis for approaching the market Sunlight.

In particular, the company fixed retail prices left consumers feeling no longer buy expensive, cheaper. Regime good care agent. The "offensive" Sunlight helps quickly earned US No. 1 Hao before.

"I lost agent system in a very short time. Things have changed so fast, "- Mr. Vinh recalls. Not only ranked No. 1, My Hao wanted Sunlight disappearing from the market when continuously offered to buy the company with the small figure. "Refusal of $ 30 million is what I never regret, I want to build a brand for Vietnamese people, Vietnamese people" - Mr. Vinh said.

He had to quickly plan the rebuilding of the distribution system. Less capital, less experienced, he must himself go to each region to build a distribution system, to directly down monthly check to see where they do well, do not seat well. Strenuous and pretty crafts, but according to him, each person has a way, each company has a different strategy, to him this is an effective way that low-cost, especially in the current difficult context present.

Efforts to overcome

So far, though American products Hao has been present in almost all provinces and cities across the country, but he still keeps the habit going Vinh monthly survey. Per month to a regional meeting of agents, small businesses. But in the confrontation with the "big", Mr Vinh many times encountered difficulties and obstacles. "Many times they want us to jointly increase the price they deem it inappropriate that I disagree.

Of course they are not left alone, with a few years time they do not raise prices despite rising input. But the campaign has launched the hype "- Mr. Vinh recalls. So far, apart from the dishwater, My Hao has many other products such as bleach, soap, fabric softener ... dishwater but still account for 70% of company revenue.

Looking at market dishwashing liquid, high prices Sunlight, My Hao in the midrange, the bottom with cheaper prices with brands such as Lix, Net ... This was not currently the supermarket chain also launched the private label with cheap rates. To be able to take her real life and not just "promiscuous" today, My Hao probably need to find yourself a boost.

Maybe because of weak financial capacity should not be there much media campaign. My Hao Song's time to change the face of the "child" of his more often. While Sunlight constantly launching new models, the new formula, the American Hao quite faithful to the round yellow bottle, blue cap classic. In a market where demand for new, high aesthetics are at present, the US is going Hao seems no longer appropriate.

Looking at annual growth rates may see My Hao is under significant competitive pressure. 2009 revenue growth of just 5% My Hao, 2010 and 2011 reached 10%. In 2012, the United States set a target Hao is 25%, but economic difficulties and internal weaknesses that the company was only 12% complete. This year, Mr Vinh said that only out-digit growth of 15% and will try to finish the target.

He also is planning new US exports Hao besides traditional markets, while promoting more modern sales channels. The desire to build a brand that is very dear Vietnam. But to bring the United States into a strong brand Hao really can become a counterweight to the big guns, remains a challenge that required him to make an effort to overcome Vinh.

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